X-Ray Thunder8 Dual Surface Gaming Mat


ABS Base
The ABS Base is a very rigid very thin base, it’s very durable and easy to clean up. There are four grooves around the base to allow you to select the placement of the mouse cord clip, allowing you to orient the pad in any direction on your desktop and yet still be able to use it as right-handed or left-handed and keep the mosue cord out of your way. Despite it’s rigidity, the base has been formed so that it will not hurt your wrist as you rest your hand on the pad, there are no sharp edges as many metal and glass pads have. Thanks to it’s ABS composition, the base of the Thunder 8 is chemical resistant, fadeproof, and will retain it’s size and shape even in the hottest temperatures. The quality evident in our ABS Base is just the beginning, but makes for a very solid foundation from which to construct the best hardpad ever made.

The Dual-sided Surface of the Thunder 8 is made of a special high-tech material which causes very little glare (an enemy of all optical mice) and is also easily washable. One side fo the Surface is very smooth, perfect for rapid and accurate movements with ball mice. The other side is suede-like in texture, great for optical mice. While some may notice performance increases when using it this way, you can use either side with just about any mouse, the choice is up to you. The ABS Base of the Thunder 8 has an Easy Lift Corner so that it is easy to remove and flip over the mousing surface, so you may even prefer one surface for Windows and the other one for gaming

Easy Lift Corner
The Easy Lift Corner that is built into the ABS Base of the Thunder 8 makes it extremely easy to remove and flip over the Dual-Sided Surface. This feature adds a whole new capability to this pad, giving users the option of one surface for office work, and a different surface for gaming. It also allows easier sharing of a computer by allowing each user to use whatever surface they prefer.

Enhanced Cord Clip
The Enhanced Cord Clip included with the Thunder 8 is an extremely useful feature. If you have ever had to give an extra tug to your mouse to retrieve more cord from the tangle of wires behind your desk, you would probably love to have something like this built into your mousepad. Instead of taking up a large amount of desk space as so-called “mouse bungies” do, our Cord Clip actually mounts to the pad itself, securing it firmly in place, while the clip has a firm grip on the mouse cord. This ensures that you will never find the cord in your way or restricting your movements. And thanks to it’s careful construction, our Cord Clip will not damage your mouse cord.

Rubber Feet
The Thunder 8, with all it’s advanced features, wouldn’t be a great mouse pad if it slid all over your table or desk. Thanks to testing and research, we realized that there was only one way to ensure that the pad never slid, regardless of what it is sitting on, and yet retain it’s washability and ability to withstand heat and chemicals. We used large, flat, silicone rubber dots with very strong adhesive to act as no-slide feet on the bottom of the ABS Base. These feet will stick to practically anything, and yet will not come off the pad, nor be damaged by heat or chemicals.

The Thunder 8 comes in a deluxe tin package, and this is more than just a cool way to show off your new pad to friends. The packaging helps to protect your Thunder 8 while traveling with your computer, and also keeps it dust-free and out of harms way when you aren’t using it. Our packaging not only looks good, but is strong while still being thin enough to fit almost anywhere.

11.44″ x 9.3″ x 1/6″ (290.6mm x 236.2mm x 4.2mm)

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