If you find yourself working from multiple computers but needing constant access to your own software, e-mail and digital files, the Seagate Free Agent Go Portable Hard Drive is for you. More than a simple portable back-up and storage solution, the Seagate Free Agent Go lets you take your favorite software, Web browser, IM client and contacts, email, cookies, and personalization settings wherever you go–safely and securely. Not only does this portable hard drive synchronize your data with just about any computer you want to work from, more importantly it features the latest encryption software to protect your content, leaving no trace of your last session on the borrowed computer. With the Seagate Free Agent Go, you have the best of all worlds–a convenient portable back-up solution and a virtual desktop in a pocket-size package.It’s all about having your desktop environment and latest files with you – when and where you need them. Designed for mobility, the sleek compact design easily fits into your shirt pocket, briefcase or backpack. We provide the USB cable that’s not only the interface connection, but the power source – no additional power cords are needed.

Big capacity. Small package.

Get a lot without carrying a lot. And look good while you do it.

  • Available in a range of capacities, from 250GB to 1TB
  • The thinnest portable drive available. Even the cables are compact
  • Multiple colors to suit your style and let you tell one FreeAgent Go from the next

Simple backup and sync.

If it’s not easy, it won’t happen.

  • Automatic backup for peace of mind
  • Encryption technology keeps your files safe
  • Easy synchronization means you always have the most current version with you
  • Fast data transfer with USB

Go cable-free.

An optional desktop dock makes syncing a snap.

  • Access your files without fumbling for cables
  • Preloaded software means easy setup

All the little extras.

You don’t choose a drive based on these things. But you love them once you have them.

  • Power management features save energy
  • Five-year limited warranty


  • Model Number: ST903203FAM2E1-RK
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Capacity: 320GB

Physcial Dimensions

  • Height: 130mm (5.12 in)
  • Width: 80mm (3.15 in)
  • Length: 12.5mm (.49 in)
  • Weight: (typical) 160g (.35 lb)
  • Shipping Weight: .27kg (0.595 lb)


5 year company provided

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