MPIO FY-400 256MB

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A handy mp3 player with a built-in USB plug and luxurious body. Supports USB 2.0 interface and offers an amazing battery life up to 20 hours. It’s truly a modern digital device.

Built-in USB Plug
A built-in USB plug is directly connected to your computer without needing a separate USB cable. An optional long USB cable is supplied to reach the back of your computer, if necessary.

High Speed Data Transfer With USB 2.0 Support
Every single manufacturer announced the adoption of USB 2.0 standards; however, their performance is not the same. Our transfer rate is much higher – 40Mbps! This means the moment you drag and drop your music files, they are already in your MP3 player!

Excellent Battery Life, Up to 20 Hours
A core technology designed for low power consumption keeps this player going for more than 20 hours continuously with a single AAA alkaline battery!

Powerful Output and Beautiful Philips 3D Sound
Combining the advanced sound engineering of Philips and our innovative MPIO technology, the music sounds better than ever before!

One-Touch FM Tuner & Voice Recording
Switch between FM and Voice Recording with just one button. It is not necessary to enter the menu and change the mode- just pressing the button is enough to activate those functions.

Nostalgic Classic Audio Tuner Dial
The wheel button reminds music lovers of their classic analog audio equipment, and achieves better usability.

Play Copyrighted Files – WMA

The FY400 can play most copyrighted music files in WMA DRM formats from any paid online music shop.

Direct Encoding
You can listen to music from a CD player or your PC using the encoding cord. You can also save the files and encode from a CD player or PC via the encoding cord.

No Utility Installation Needed to Transfer Data Files to the FY400
The MP3 Player is a friend of entertainment, and the USB mass storage device is a business partner. All these things will satisfy you.

Excellent Voice Recorder
You can record important lectures and meetings with the built in high-quality voice recorder.

7 EQ presets
The FY400 supports 7 EQ presets (Flat, POPS, Rock, Live, Classic, Vocal, D Bass) and 1 user defined EQ.

Improved FM Tuner
With the FY400’s integrated FM tuner, users can auto-scan, preset, store, and record any FM radio station with ease.

Easy User Interface
The graphic user interface makes it easy to operate the FY400. Just enjoy the sound quality and easy operation of the FY400.

Upgradeable Firmware
The latest features and enhancements can be added to the player with freely downloadable firmware upgrades available from the MPIO website.

Mega Folders
The FY400 supports an unlimited folder function, so you can make as many internal folders as you wish. For example, you can create folders however you like by artists, album, or genre and download to the player.

Power Navigation
Browse your stored files while listening to music. Just enter the navigation mode without stopping playback, regardless of which folder you’re in.

MAC and Windows
The FY400 is compatible with Windows (98/SE/2000/XP). You can also use MAC ver. 10.2 and above.

OP Series MPIO earphones
We are proud of the MPIO earphone! The OP Series MPIO earphones, compared to other brands, reproduce the original tones extremely accurately. When used with a portable device like the FG100, the earphones’ cords are designed not to twist, which helps prevent the earphones from being accidentally pulled from your ears. With the STRIPE WIRE design, you can listen to the OP series earphones for a long time without difficulty

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