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FL350, it is the upgraded model of FL300 which has won IF Design Award and Good Design award. FL350 has included FM radio tuner features. You can enjoy faster speed transfer with USB 2.0 port. FL350, designed to look like and to be worn as jewelry, you have color choices of Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Amethyst Violet. Also with 20 different colorful window stickers, you can enjoy different style everyday.

20 Different Window Stickers
You can dress up your FL350 with 20 different stickers! It’s anti-static sticker so it is easy to stick it on and off. Wear your FL350 in different style everyday.

Integrated Built-in FM Radio
This tiny device includes an FM radio tuner.

USB 2.0 for High Speed
The FL350 supports high-speed transmission via USB 2.0 ports.

Built-In Digital Clock & Alarm Clock with Timer
This new model now has a digital clock function: you can confirm the date and time at any time during the operation of the player, and set the alarm clock. You can wake up with your favorite music!

Excellent Voice Recorder
You can record important lectures and meetings with the built in high quality voice recorder.

Speed control & Resume function
It will resume playing at the start of the last track played when you turn it back on. The Speed control supports maximum 200% without sound’s distortion.

Powerful Output and Beautiful Philips 3D Sound
Life Vibes produces an optimized surround sound experience, offering a concert sound ambience. Enhanced super level bass provides superb sound quality.

White Backlight
The text on the LCD of the FL350 is clearer than ever before. Besides being super easy to see, the white text gives the player a look of simplicity and sophistication.

Power Navigation
Browse your stored files while listening to music. Just enter the navigation mode without stopping playback, regardless of which folder you’re in.

USB Mass Storage
The FL350 does double-duty as a USB Mass Storage Device. Just like a USB key (if you’ve used one), you can store files and data on your FL350 for backup, or to transfer to another computer. Even better, no special software is required. If you use Windows or have a Mac, you are ready!

Upgradeable Firmware
We’re always working on making the FL350 better. If we make a cool new feature or an improvement, you don’t have to buy a new player to get the upgrade! Just upgrade the firmware on your player using the easy MPIO Manager Software.

MAC and Windows Support
The FL350 is compatible with Windows (98/98SE/2000/XP). You can also use MAC version 9.2 and above.

Recharge from USB port
You can fully charge your FL350’s Li-polymer battery without a charger automatically through your computer’s USB port while downloading files via the internal USB plug – no USB cable or separate charger required! The 220V AC adapter to charge FL350’s Li-polymer battery is sold separately.

6-Band Equalizer
The FL350 EQ has 6 preset modes and 1 user-defined mode, so you can fine-tune music playback exactly to your taste. More bass? no problem. Silky highs? consider it done!

Playable copyrighted files – WMA
The FL350 can play most copywritten music files in WMA DRM formats from any paid online music shop.

OP Series MPIO earphones
We are proud of the MPIO earphone! The OP Series MPIO earphones, compared to other brands, reproduce the original tones extremely accurately. When used with a portable device like the FL350, the earphones’ cords are designed not to twist, which helps prevent the earphones from being accidentally pulled from your ears. With the STRIPE WIRE design, you can listen to the OP series earphones for a long time without difficulty.

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