Logitech V500 Cordless Optical Mouse

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With its exceptional combination of beauty, comfort, and mobility, the Logitech V500 cordless notebook mouse was built for mobile professionals from the ground up. As the new standard in notebook mice, it’s based on four groundbreaking new technologies you simply won’t find in other models.

The V500 cordless notebook mouse comes fully equipped for the road. Sculpted finger grips provide precise control. The fused aluminum skin and shock-resistant bodywork are robust yet elegantly detailed. And its integrated power management system includes a battery-saving on-off switch and status indicator.

To complete your mobile experience, just pop the receiver back in the chassis, snap it shut, and put the V500 into its protective carry case for easy transport. Four-Way Solid-State Scroll Panel

The four-way scroll panel represents nothing less than a total reinvention of the traditional scroll wheel. Simply slide your finger across the solid-state panel for hyperresponsive vertical and horizontal scrolling–perfect for viewing spreadsheets, images, and other large documents. Expandable Chassis

The patented expandable chassis articulates 7 degrees to fit your hand while in use, and folds flat for travel–the perfect balance of comfort and mobility.

2.4 GHz Micro Receiver

The 2.4 GHz Micro Receiver is a true enterprise-class wireless solution, providing a range of 30 feet (10 meters) with virtually no interference or latency. It also fits inside the mouse for storage, completing a neat, all-in-one package.

All-Terrain Optical Engine

The all-new All-Terrain Optical Engine is the highest-performance compact tracking solution available, with superior surface coverage compared to lesser notebook mice

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