How To Connect Wireless Speakers To TV?

Bluetooth speakers connected with LED tv in living room

When you buy corded speakers, it’s a complete mess of wires. To get rid of such problems, the brands have manufactured Bluetooth speakers for wireless connectivity. Such speakers have made people’s lives easier and more convenient.

Furthermore, you can connect them with multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. Commonly, such speakers consist of two separate speakers paired with a wireless transmitter. When you pair them with your TV, the transmitter sends the audio signals to both speakers. Here in this short guide, we will tell you the procedure to connect any wireless speakers to your home TV. Let’s begin!

Method 1: How To Install & Setup Wireless Speakers with TV (Bluetooth Transmitter)

There are several methods to connect the wireless speakers. If you want to connect them using a Bluetooth transmitter, follow the instructions below:

● First, check the output port of your TV and insert the Bluetooth transmitter to your TV’s audio output port.
● Some Bluetooth transmitters also require a power transmitter. If your chosen model has this, attach it too.
● Now, pair the Bluetooth transmitter with your Bluetooth speaker. For your ease, it’s always better to read the included manual and read about pairing.
● Congrats! The wireless speakers have been paired with your TV.

Here we want to share some useful information. It’s always better to use a low-cost Bluetooth transmitter. The reason is that such transmitters are easy to connect and offer common ways to transmit sound from the TV to connected speakers.
In the whole setup, the Bluetooth transmitter is responsible for the TV’s output conversion into wireless or Bluetooth signals. When you visit the market, you will see hundreds of Bluetooth transmitters for TV. It’s always good to buy the most trendy and universal transmitter for your TV.

Method 2: How To Connect Wireless Speakers to TV (Fire TV Stick)

Sometimes you don’t like ordinary TV and prefer to buy from a brand such as Amazon Fire TV Stick. Here is the good news it has built-in Bluetooth, and also you can connect Bluetooth speakers with it. If you watch a lot of content, it might be your ideal choice. Check the steps to pair the Fire TV with Bluetooth speakers.
● Pick up the remote and click on Settings.
● Click on the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.
● Go to Other Bluetooth Devices.
● Further click on Add Bluetooth Devices.
● Now it will start searching for the nearest Bluetooth devices within its specified range. You just need to wait until it pairs.
● If your device does not pair automatically, just click pair.
● Congrats! The pairing is done.

Final Words

To sum up, it’s all about connecting the Bluetooth speakers with your home TV. We have shared two methods i.e. for ordinary TV and Amazon Fire TV. We hope you will find them helpful.

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