Best Wireless Earbuds in Pakistan That Aren’t Apple

If you love music, having premium-quality earbuds boost the taste of music. If you don’t want to mess with the wires while working, exercising, or listening to your favorite music, earbuds might be your ideal choice. Commonly, people think there are only wireless earbuds available in the market from the Apple brand, but that’s not so true. There are many brands that take your music to the next level due to quality and performance.
If you are also one of those people who prefer quality over price, we have prepared a list of wireless earbuds in Pakistan that aren’t offered by Apple. Following are the earbuds brands with short descriptions about the product.

Wireless Earbuds Brands Alternative to Apple

After surveying hundreds of customers and collecting reviews from them, we have listed the best choices for wireless earbuds in Pakistan. They deliver the best quality music and good voice quality at a fraction of the price of the Apple brand’s Airpods. Check out the list below.

1. Samsung Galaxy Wireless Earbuds Pro

Samsung is the name of quality and guaranteed performance. It offers top-quality wireless earbuds pro. Not only that, we have a complete range of these quality earbuds with express delivery across Pakistan. The prominent aspects are the active noise cancellation making them loved by everyone. Whether traveling in the subway or waiting for your friend in a crowd, the noise cancellation feature will not disturb you and your conversation.

Likewise, you have several options to adjust the power according to your needs and requirements. They allow you to hear what you want to hear even in a high noise area. The specifications are:

● Active Noise Cancellation.
● Wide control over the settings.
● Instant voice detects the system.
● Ambient Sound.
● 2-way Speakers with a bigger driver.
● Larger-than-life Audio for True Immersion.
● Right, fit.

2. A4Tech Bloody M30 True Wireless Earphones

A4Tech Bloody M30 wireless earphones provide stable connectivity and reliable Bluetooth earphones for everyone. You will not feel any lag in the music and video, and they consume very little power. The intelligent circuitry offers extended playtime for 22 hours, making a charging case. You don’t need to worry about the charge while traveling. In short, they are versatile Bluetooth earphones for universal use. The prominent features are:

● M.O.C.I Dome Tech for Quality sound.
● Long-lasting battery.
● WIreless transmission independently.
● Control at your fingertips.
● Water & dust resistant.
● Quick pairing.

3. SoundPeats Air3 Wireless Earbuds

SoundPeats Air3 is extremely small and compact wireless earbuds. Highly portable as you can keep them in your pant’s pocket, shirt’s pockets, or even hang in the pant’s hook. Whether you want to use single side or double, it offers independent wireless connectivity. Control music, volume, and other aspects at your fingertips with touch controls. Many other features are included such as voice assistant (Siri, etc). They are the choice of those who want music clarity with compactness. The Features include:

● Water & Dust Resistant.
● Quick pairing.
● Voice assistant.
● Extended battery up to 4Hr in a single charge.
● Playtime up to 22H with the case.

4. Lenovo XG01 TWS Gaming Earphones

Lenovo XG01 offers no sense of low latency with dual gaming/music modes. It means you can use it for listening to music and also for playing games. Superb battery life that can be extended up to 150H. Also, the noise reduction makes your conversation better while playing your favorite games. So, if you want to enjoy dual benefits in a pair of earphones, it’s there for you. The highlights of the products are:

● Bluetooth 5.0 transmission.
● Symphony breathing light.
● Special HI-FI sound quality.
● Automatic pairing detection after the first connection.

5. A4Tech Bloody M70 TWS Gaming Earphones

A4Tech Bloody M70 stands out from other brands due to its quality, dual applications, and reliable performance. These small earphones are compact, and a 100% genuine product. It takes your music and gaming to the next level due to smarter listening dual modes. So, get the advantage of syncing audio, and video with impressive music quality. The prominent advantages are:

● Ultra-low latency.
● Game/music modes.
● M.O.C.I Dome Tech.
● Easy controls.
● Environmental noise cancellation.
● Slide-Lid charging case.
● Automatic connects.

6. Joyroom T13 True Wireless Earbuds with Hi-Fi Stereo

Enjoy the real Hi-Fi stereo sound with Joyroom T13 wireless earbuds and enjoy high-quality music. They are highly affordable and their power automatically matches the settings. The settings are optimized to give you extended battery life without any lag in the video and music. They are also suitable for HD calls with all-in-all noise reduction. The specifications are:

● One-click pairing.
● Multi-function charging.
● Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0.
● Special design and patent protection.
● In-Ear Multifunctional performance.

7. A4Tech Bloody M90 TWS ANC Gaming Earphones

A4Tech M90 are updated earphones with smart listening dual-mode technology. The low latency provides high-quality gaming advantages with immersive sound. Play music or games and enjoy HD sound due to the digital music filter. The Active Noise Cancellation reduces the noise up to a higher level. In a nutshell, these are high-end gaming earphones. The primary features are:

● Stable connectivity.
● Ultra-low latency.
● Game/Music Modes.
● Playtime up to 24 hours.
● Water & Dust resistant.
● Ergonomic and secure fit.

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